We are pleased to inform you that NWB has received $19,000 in funding from the Louise Grenier Foundation for its project to build a residence for low-income students at the Instituto de Educacion Superior Technologico Publico (IESTP), an important partner of NWB in Peru. NWB hopes that this project will contribute to improving students’ living conditions and sense of belonging, essential to their retention and graduation. This funding was made possible by NWB’s membership with the Quebec Association of Organizations for International Cooperation (AQOCI).

The future residence will accommodate 32 students. It will be built on cement and will have four spacious rooms with eight (8) beds each. Each room will have windows, electricity, mattresses and mosquito nets for the prevention of tropical diseases (malaria, dengue fever) and animal bites (snakes, bats). The project also includes sanitary facilities with treated running water. The project is also part of a sustainable development perspective and will have positive social, economic and environmental impacts.

Founded in 2005, NWB is a Quebec non-profit organization and is recognized as a charitable organization. In accordance with its charter, NWB supports all projects promoting mutual capacity building and sustainable development. NWB currently has sustainable development funds in Peru and Senegal.



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