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Nurses Without Borders (NWB) / Infirmières et infirmiers Sans Frontières (IISF) / Enfermeras there Enfermeros Sin Fronteras (EESF) brings together people from a broad spectrum of professions who are interested in providing humanitarian aid in Quebec, in Canada and around the world. NWB is registered as a non-profit charitable organization in the Quebec Enterprise Register (1163018204) and with the Canada Revenue Agency (84474 0944 RR 0001).

Mamans sénégalaiseNWB General By-laws

NWB Charitable Organization Charter

Each year, NWB supports about a dozen groups in carrying out humanitarian projects around the world.

Our mission is to:

  • Support individual and collective international health or humanitarian projects
  • Facilitate project logistics and administration
  • Provide guidance in the preparation essential for carrying out a project
  • Offer preparatory training

Over the years, NWB has developed expertise providing services in Senegal (bush) and Peru (Amazonian region). We work closely with partners on the ground, based on formal agreements. Our host environments are health posts, clinics and regional hospitals. All aspects of NWB services are coordinated ahead of time: airport pickup, transportation, lodging, meals, security, suggestion of cultural tours, on-site equipment, etc.

Today, we are in a position to offer support and high-quality services to our members, if you:

  • Have an international health project or a humanitarian mission you wish to carry out
  • Would like to be part of a humanitarian project, but do not know where or how to start
  • Are a student, teacher, health care provider or any other person who is interested in a humanitarian project

NWB in Action

In addition to supporting about ten groups annually, IISF works on various projects, notably in Senegal and Peru. These projects come from needs expressed by our partners in the field and they are closely involved in the planning and implementation of these actions.

  • House of IESTP students in Peru
  • House of humanitarian cooperants Alice Brûlé-Pomerantz in Peru
  • Health Training Fund in Senegal
  • Community kitchen in Peru

The success of these projects depends on the commitment of our members and partners. You can contribute at any time by directing your donations to the project of your choice.


It was in 2002, in Nunavik, that Johanne Toupin and Mr. Mario Brûlé (both teachers at the time at André-Laurendeau College) converged their passions into a common project: encouraging nursing practice in an expanded role and creating an international clinical nursing internship. A few months later, the first group of nurses: students at the College level, left for a humanitarian internship in the Senegalese bush. Cohorts followed cohorts and quickly found that fundraising was difficult without the support of a charitable organization recognized by the Canada Revenue Agency.

In 2005, to compensate for this and to facilitate student funding, Mario Brûlé, Johanne Toupin, Robert Morin, Francine Hammond and Marc Simard founded Nurses Without Borders (NWB). Without delay, other educational institutions became interested in clinical internships in Senegal and NWB’s expertise in their implementation.